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In many ancient civilizations such as China, Japan, ancient Rome, a game in which the ball is passed with the foot is mentioned. Then she played without any special rules. The game, which today is represented all over the world and has certain rules, originated in Great Britain. Its name is Futebol, and the rules adopted for it were created in the fifties of the 19th century.

The sport was mostly played in colleges across Great Britain and when the game began to gain popularity, rules were devised so that teams from different cities and areas could compete.


The rules prescribe the number of players who play in one team, the manner in which the ball may be touched and many other rules. This setting of rules and the competition of teams from various colleges led to the creation of the Football Association. There are official rules for football that are still applied today with some almost insignificant changes.

Gradually, football began to spread throughout Europe, and then to other continents. That’s how he got to Brazil, where the most passionate fans and players are today.

In order to improve the rules and ensure that everything is respected, the FIFA organization was founded in Paris. This organization strives to nurture football and organize competitions for all countries of the world. This sport has brought many people together, and its prevalence is high because it does not require expensive equipment and everyone can afford it.

To find out much more about this most popular sport in the world, Futebol will inform you about everything.

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