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Spend Your Holiday In An Unforgettable Place

Holidays are days when people relax and enjoy themselves. If you want to spend your holiday in an unforgettable place, take a look at Pesach Programs to see what we can offer you.

We have tried to choose places that can provide you with real enjoyment and real relaxation.

One such place is the Bahamas. We offer you accommodation in a resort that has different accommodation capacities. Each accommodation is located near the water. You can choose accommodation next to some lovely lagoon or if you are a pool lover, your accommodation can have its own pool.

The coast around this island is very rugged, and the underwater world is very diverse, so you can enjoy diving through underwater tunnels and labyrinths. Nearby there is one of the most beautiful aqva parks, which can provide you with numerous pleasures on different slides, long rivers with special effects that you will be delighted with.

Pesach Programs

You will have every meal provided, as well as a festive dinner on the occasion of the holiday. The employed chefs can prepare the dishes you want, and you can also enjoy the food prepared in these regions. The barbecue is available from mid-day to late evening, as are morning and evening teas. You can always eat wonderful pancakes and waffles, and for breakfast you can get cereals, pastries and yogurt in addition to the standard menu.

The buffet service is open 24 hours, so you will always have plenty of food and drink. If you wish, our staff can bring you food and you can eat in your accommodation by the pool or a lagoon or enjoy it by the open sea.

If you want to know much more about this travel program, one click is enough on Pesach Programs. We have tried our best to provide you with complete enjoyment during your holiday.

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