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Pilates is a refreshing workout for the mind and body. There, light movements are performed and the concentration is on proper breathing when performing slow movements. If you want to help others perform the exercises correctly, you need training, which you can get from pilates trainers.

Our online Pilates school can help you become a certified Pilates trainer very quickly. Our certificates are recognized all over the world, so you can visit our school wherever you are.

Another advantage of the onljan Pilates school is that you can thepostathens wherever you are and at whatever time suits you. Although you may have already become a Pilates trainer, with our classes you can improve the quality of your classes and provide your clients with much better and higher quality training.

Pilates Trainers

In these classes, you will learn how important it is to stabilize the muscles, as well as to restore the balance of the muscles. In this way, strength and flexibility are gained. Our classes are a combination of Eastern and Western philosophy. Each exercise is aimed at conditioning the body starting from the inside out.

Here you will learn what the principle of Pilates is, what are the essential elements to master the exercises on the mat, you will learn how to master the skill of breathing, as well as what types of breathing exist. Also, you will learn how to connect exercises from different positions.

Our school for Pilates trainers consists of video presentations, a large number of recordings of certain exercises that you can watch at any time, we also give you a script with exercises, as well as exam preparation questions. Finally, there is a final test.

If you want to practice pilates professionally, one click on pilates trainers is enough. We will help you become a Pilates trainer that everyone will be happy to come to.

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